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Welcome to the Songwriter’s Loft.

Unique design, awesome features, flexibility & dedicated support . [/promotion_box] [/shadow_box]



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Slowmotion Walter







Jump To The Sky





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UNIK was developed to accommodate the different genres of music. Anywhere from a music lover to DJs and full bands. You will find that UNIK will satisfy your wants and needs in a music WP Theme from top to bottom.

[/col] [col] [icon class=”icon-eye” size=”1x” color=”#111111″ round_bg=”#eee”] Retina Ready Icons

UNIK is retina ready packed with cool icons and images. UNIK was tested on all the mobile devices to achieve a high quality design.

[/col] [col] [icon class=”icon-mobile” size=”1x” color=”#111111″ round_bg=”#eee”] Responsive Design

UNIK is 100% responsive with all devices supported using bootstrap v3.1.1. Try UNIK on your favorite iToy or android devices and it will blow your mind how good the theme looks.

[/col] [/grouped_col] [grouped_col col=”3″] [col] [icon class=”icon-music” size=”1x” color=”#111111″ round_bg=”#eee”] 3 Different Audio Players

UNIK comes with a footer list type music player, a featured music and a normal player using the wp audio shortcode. Have a go at switching between songs. we made sure that you never have two songs playing at the same time.

[/col] [col] [icon class=”icon-html5″ size=”1x” color=”#111111″ round_bg=”#eee”] HTML5 & CSS3

UNIK has beautifully written very clean and error free code. We used many nice CSS3 animations that jive with the feel of the theme and compliments the idea of the theme.

[/col] [col] [icon class=”icon-wrench” size=”1x” color=”#111111″ round_bg=”#eee”] Lots of Customization Option

We have set up the theme to be as much user friendly as possible for creating your very own version. We created many great theme options and shortcodes to make editing the theme very easy.

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